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Cross-Training through Adventure Activity

Corporate Development , Training and Challenge

As a coach, trainer or instructor you will recognise and know through your experience the immediate benefits of Cross-training. 


Outdoor Adventure Scotland can devise with you a bespoke programme of one or more sessions using Climbing, Trail Biking, Initiative and Problem-solving activities which will be designed to engage, enhance and enthuse your sportsmen and women.

We have identified these primary outcomes from engaging with adventurous activity:

  • Enhances motivation and refreshes attitudes to training

  • Contributes to improving running fitness (speed and endurance)

  • Engages a greater range of movement

  • Develops confidence in attempting new skills

  • Provides a break-out from main training programme

  • Injury Prevention & Active recovery (we will coordinate this with your Team Physiotherapists)

  • and, most importantly, enables a shared & enjoyable 'new' experience for team members

....'Train and play through adventure: choose Outdoor Adventure Scotland!'

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