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Latest Update

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Welcome to my Update page.

Here you will find a summary of  how my service can help you with your health protection inc. Risk-Benefit Assessments, whilst engaging with my events.

Please refer to the current recommendations and guidlines issued by Mountaineering Scotland and Mountain Training UK - and

COVID-19 & your SAFETY - here's a link to my latest Client Information


I have passed my 'Coronavirus Awareness' & 'Infection Prevention and Control' training from iHASCO (I can provide you with copies of this certification)


I have been given advice from both the 'Association of Mountaineering Instructors' and my insurers 'AXA XL' through their broker Loxton, that, in line with all professional indemnity insurers, Covid-19 and all cover for  Notifiable Diseases have been removed from my policy. This is not a problem as all clients attending any event will be fully briefed on how the day will be best run to ensure our mutual safety.



Cross infection, though, remains remote when we  are working outside; so long as we follow Government advice and take responsibility for ensuring and maintaining personal hygiene and use PPE as appropriate. 


In addition to accepting that any outdoor and adventurous activity can expose a participant to bumps, scrapes, knocks and more serious injury as a result of their participation, all participants (and authorised guardians or adults responsible for young people) will be expected to acknowledge & accept, in writing, that participation in any given activity may expose them to an increased risk of infection.


I have put these measures in place to minimise these risks:

A) Prior to each event, I will talk over my responsibilities in managing both mine and all event participant's safety, health and welfare. The event will take place after we have agreed the arrangements we put in place and acknowledged that we may adapt or alter arrangements at any stage of the event. 

B) When I work with young people, their parents/carers/teachers or nursery staff will be responsible for helping each youngster with their hygiene. 

C) All clients (individual or as a member of an organisation's group) must provide me with a confirmation that they are, and have been for the last 21 days prior to the event, clear of any symptoms of Covid-19 (exclusive of the day of their booked event) and any other notifiable disease.


D) Every client (individual or organisation) has a responsibility to inform me, before our event happens; 

  • of anyone experiencing or displaying symptoms of COVID-19 in the 21 days prior to our event,

  • has been in a household or

  • has had contact with someone displaying symptoms in the 21 days before our event happens.

In these circumstances, excluding anyone from an event will not be considered discriminatory.

Professional and Personal Training

I complete my tri-annual First Aid re-certification with the leading provider of Outdoor First Aid, BASP. 








I have attended and Passed my Lyon PPE Inspection Course with reference to Mountain Rescue. This was very intense and the assessment was even more so as the requirement to get a very high mark was vital to ensure that I practice the same standard of observation, scrutiny and checks throughout any inspection session. 


Equipment Checks and Records






Technical equipment is clean, checked and logged

Safety Statement: what you need to know about my courses. (as of 01/04/24)

Courses and trips led by qualified & experienced Mountaineering Instructors (MIC) and International Guides (BMG / IFMAG) or qualified Teachers are your way of being led and taught by the best in their industries.

Andy is a qualified professional Mountaineering Instructor and teacher. He is registered with the General Teaching Council of Scotland  & the Association of Mountaineering Instructors. He will uphold both organisation's Code of Professional Standards.


Your learning, enjoyment and safety throughout all courses is underpinned by Andy's professional care, attention and standards achieved over many years of intense personal practice, training & assessment and continuing professional development; this includes researching and providing you with accurate information to help you prepare for your course.

Taking part in all activities offered by Outdoor Adventure Scotland also requires every participant and / or their parent/carer to be aware of their own and other's physical, health and welfare safety. 

It is both Andy (from Outdoor Adventure Scotland) and all participant's shared responsibility to ensure as safe an experience as possible for them self & others and minimise exposure to contamination.

As course leader, Andy will take all reasonable steps to help each participant manage their hygiene & welfare; using information from on the WHO and UK Government Health authorities.

Whilst slips, scrapes, scratches and bumps are normal for any adventurous activities, participants should also be aware and accept that any activity is accompanied by the risk of physical injury: in very rare cases such injuries can lead to death. 

Andy will make all reasonable efforts to ensure participants are not exposed to unnecessary risk and he will make clear to everyone their shared responsibilities for looking after each other's personal safety.


Booking on any event or skills course is an acceptance of and agreement with this statement.

So, how to Book:

Please read the 'Conditions and Terms' and 'Safety Statement' at the end of this page.

Note: your email to reserve your place is your confirmation that you have read and understood the Safety Statement and the 'Conditions and Terms' for your booking.

Then, use the email link to reserve your place stating your name agreed date.

When you receive your provisional confirmation, please pay the stated Deposit by Direct Bank Transfer (BACS)

We will email your confirmation and receipt.

Conditions and Terms of Booking - HERE

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