Your next outdoor adventure.

Fancy taking your children and their friends on adventurous activities? We'll take you to indoor climbing walls, Hire Wire adventure parks, out of the way settings for mountain biking and adventure walks  where you can develop the confidence to organise and manage your own activities. All done whilst your children are at school!

Indoor Climbing Walls - Belaying: These facilities ask you to have a basic level of competence to use their facility and make sure your children are wearing and using the equipment correctly. Our short courses will give you the skills to prepare and manage the rope - BELAY, is the technical word - whilst your children climb.

£30 per adult or £100 for 4 with £20 per additional adult to a max of 6 adults (entry to wall and hire of equipment extra) / per session (approx. 3 hours)

Hire Wire Adventure Parks: Places like GoApe and other facilities are fantastic fun....but users can be quite anxious on their first visit whilst being expected to be responsible for your children's use of the equipment at height! On this course we'll accompany you across a ropes facility so that when you return you can gain better confidence to manage your children and ensure you have a wonderful family time out.

£45 per adult inclusive of admission to facility (minimum of 4) / per session (approx. 3 hours)

Mountain Bike - away from the crowds: We'll show you routes suitable for all ages and abilities which take you to superb places of interest and scenic beauty. We'll journey to unusual sites so you can give your family a tremendous experience which will have you all wanting more. Teaching of basic trail repairs and first aid will be included as standard on all trips.

£40 per person (bike hire not included) / per day (approx 5 hours)

Term Time fun for yourself and friends: School run done then you have an adventure with a lunch stop at a fabulous café (not included in price). 

Join us for an adventure day during school hours where it's your turn to relax and play. Whether it's outdoor cooking on an open-fire, mountain-biking to unusual but spectacular places, rock climbing & coastal scrambling or open water swimming in beautiful lochs of Central Scotland. £50 per person (exclusive of any additional equipment hire) - minimum of 4. (approx. 5 hours)

Foster Carer? Contact your Agency for a bespoke programme which will add to your skills for caring for your young people on outdoor adventures.



'The Chain Walk' 

Fife nr. Elie

Explore the rugged coastline below Fife's Coastal Path


Dates are flexible based on tides and your availability.

£50 per adult - minimum of 4 participants and £45 per person for 5+ adults as a group booking

Book by email.

Please make sure you read the Safety Note at the end of this page.

Tantallon Beach Adventure' 

East Lothian, nr North Berwick

After a grassy descent and a scramble under the imposing ramparts of Tantallon Castle exploring rock pools and dark crevices for the wonderful shoreline plants and animals, we head for a seaside adventure across a hidden beach and explore the Ghegan Rock harbour.

This trip is timed to make the best use of the tides.


Dates are flexible based on tides and your availability.

£45 per adult - minimum of 4 participants

Book by email

Bespoke bookings: 

Create your own group of 6 or more adults for a private booking and get 10% discount 

£45 per pairing of adult 'n child

Please make sure you read the Safety Note at the end of this page.

Other trips include: On foot or with bikes (hire from local business extra)

Explore Loch Ard and Rob Roy's Cave (Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park, Aberfoyle)

Climb Ben Venue for magnificent views and at The Hawcraig (Fife) 

Bike Pentland Lochs - (bike hire not included) - South of Edinburgh

Phone 07788967353 or email ...and remember for bespoke bookings receive attractive discounts; so get your friends together for a great day out. 

Please note that travel to and from each venue and any incidental expenses during the excursion are not included.

Safety Note: what you need to know about these activities.

Your enjoyment throughout each activity session is underpinned by my care and attention to our safety. However, taking part in these activities requires you to be aware of your own safety as well.

Whilst slips, scrapes, scratches and bumps are normal for adventurous activities, you need to accept that any activity in woodland or open country, including hill, crag, river and coastal terrain, you can be injured: in very rare cases such injuries can lead to death.

I will make all reasonable efforts to enusre you are not exposed to unnecessary risk and I will make clear our shared responsibilities for looking after everyone's personal safety.