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These from Mountain Aid's clients:

"The course went really well. I found Andy to be a really likeable and patient instructor, and I felt comfortable learning at my own pace without feeling stupid. The interactive style of learning i.e. the 'games' we played, made it fun and some of the practices made more sense to me that way, and it was interesting hearing about the local flora and fauna. I'm really looking forward to getting out into the hills now and practicing."


"I applaud what your charity is striving to achieve and, as with most charities, you are short of funds. Please go ahead and cash my cheque as a small donation to your efforts and thanks for managing to juggle places on the course to allow Kat and I to attend on the same day."


"The day was absolutely brilliant, Andy is a wonderful teacher and the whole experience was very much worthwhile."


"I’d like to complement Andy on a great course. His teaching was excellent and easily understood. A very friendly, easy-going approach which put everyone at their ease. I definitely learnt a lot." 

"What a day it was...really fantastic. Andy really made the day a memorable one for patient...made me feel at ease...(looking back) I came down that and felt amazing!" Karen Farquar after Aonach Eagach experience.


"Excellent course" - Robert Marshall

"Members found day very useful - covered important aspects of nav. thoroughly." - Jim McNeil

"A well prepared lesson...." - Alastair Preciss

"A superb educational and fun weekend - well organised and I felt very confident in the instructor" - Angela Brown

"A fab weekend - when is the next outing?" - Diana Sharp / Winter Mountaineering

"Excellent progression of techniques..." - Diana Bartholomew / Winter Skills

"Two days of sore muscles, out of breath, hard wind and other great experiences. The tour of Applecross was great...." - Sjoerd (the 'hard wind' was from the weather not my guiding!)  / Torridon guiding

"You pushed / pulled us up for 3 beautiful days. You're patient and kind" - Almera / Torridon guiding

"Learned hunners" - Stuart Murdoch, Black Watch, Maryhill Fire Station

"Brilliant." - Julie-Anne Love, Alva / Autism Provision, Alva

"Superb job, Andy. Well done, that man." Gordon Bruce, Alva (Colleague from Mountain Rescue Scotland)

"Great experience for pupils and staff. Can't wait for the next installment." - Alva Geography

These comments have been copied from emails and messages from those named above and this LINK takes you to Facebook comments.

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