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All courses are led only by Andy Cloquet

Professional Mountaineering Instructor & Full Member of AMI

OAS Courses:

Confidence with Navigation

This course is for anyone who is unsure  of what navigation skills they should have as a minimum to enjoy moorland and hill terrain both on and off established footpaths. It is designed to improve participants' confidence in using a map to aid safe travel on open ground during normal daylight and sometimes in poor weather.

Developing your Navigation

​This course is for walkers who have limited experience of navigating on open, moorland & hill terrain. With a mid-morning start, participants will revise their basic skills and then use these skills in failing light conditions as they leave the hill late towards the early evening. 

The following information relates to my own courses which are available as a progression of levels; they are open for booking as tailor-made for your group or organisation .


'Confidence With Navigation'© - for those who want to go off track and trail

'Develop Your Navigation'© - for those who want to develop the finer skills of accurate navigation

'Low Light & Night'© - A Full Moon spectacular - develop your low-light nav. skills

'Winter & Wild Weather'© - essential skills and practice for your winter mountaineering

TBA - Venues in Central & Southern Scotland chosen based on available snow cover  

To make an inquiry please email me here or text here

Finding your way in any environment can be fun, it can be difficult and sometimes both!...the important bit is to arrive safely where you wanted to get to.

My courses will develop your confidence to read and use a map to navigate safely on familiar & unfamiliar ground in nearly any weather.

My courses are just the ticket: you can book a tailor-made session or join a group.

Fees start at;

£70 per person joining a group of 4 (minimum) - Winter Navigation from £80

£65 per person for a group of 4 booking together

£170 for Individual tuition - personal 1-1 tuition. Ideal for those looking to consolidate their skills prior to a formal leadership assessment.

To make an inquiry or start a booking please email me here or text here

In association with Mountain First Steps & Next Steps courses for 2024 will be available through their website only, please. 

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