Conditions and Terms of your Booking a Course, Service or Event

  1. You (the customer) are purchasing a course, service, tour or event (this will be called your 'booking' in these Conditions and Terms) with Outdoor Adventure Scotland (OAS).

  2. OAS will send you clear details of what you are purchasing before you pay.

  3. OAS will send you confirmation of your booking once your deposit or full payment has been accepted.

  4. When you make a purchase of a service from OAS, you are also agreeing to these terms.

  5. You will be invoiced for a Deposit: your deposit will be retained should you cancel.

  6. The invoice will state the date of your final payment. Your booking will only be confirmed once full payment has been received.

  7. If you cancel your booking after you have paid the full invoice any time up to and including fourteen days before the first day of your booking then OAS will retain your Deposit and return a proportion of your fee up to and not exceeding 50% of your fee. OAS will retain the remaining portion of your fees to cover additional hire costs needed to run the event and payment for our time in managing your booking. 

  8. If you cancel your booking within and including eight days of the booking taking place, OAS will not return your fees.

  9. If OAS has to cancel the event you have booked, you will be issued a credit for the full value of your booking. We can not be held liable for cancellations due to any weather related or medical occurrence, so we will not be able to compensate any client for any loss of fees or monies paid for accommodation, meals and travel (inc. vehicle hire costs) so it is important for you to consider purchasing travel insurance which covers these costs as a result of cancellation. 

  10. If OAS makes an informed decision that the weather or other environmental conditions require us to make a change to the itinerary then OAS reserves the right to do so. Please note that OAS has to have this flexibility as everyone's safety and welfare is the most important aspect of our work. Such changes may be made before or during the event. 

  11. OAS will tell you clearly why the changes are being recommended and what the likely revised itinerary is.  Please note that weather is only one of many criteria which will affect decision-making.

  12. Once underway, OAS will not refund nor issue a credit note if the event has to be re-routed to accommodate changes in environmental conditions or the fitness and the overall safety & welfare of all participants.

  13. Should you choose to withdraw from any event that is underway, you are obliged to pay and make your own arrangements for any additional travel & expenses to get you back to the start point of your trip.

  14. OAS is not set-up to provide specialist mobility, sensory and medical needs support.....but we will try to help. Should you require additional support, please make your needs known to us before making any booking and we will endeavour to accommodate your needs on events designed to suit you and any support carer.

  15. You are obliged to pay for any admission & related charges at visitor venues and sites. Accommodation and food are not included in your booking with OAS.

  16. For Booking Conditions to OAS' Outdoor Learning Services, please read the page in the relevant section of the website.

  17. OAS reserves the right to withdrawn anyone from any course, tour or event if, in our judgement, the person or persons present any unnecessary, risk, hardship or offensive behaviour through unsuitable levels of personal fitness or inappropriate behaviour. No fees will be returned should you be withdrawn from the course, tour or event under these circumstances.