Mountain Rescue Specialist Training

These tailor-made courses are led exclusively by Andy Cloquet - Winter Climbing & Mountaineering Instructor (formerly MIC); with assistance from experienced MR and MIC personnel.

Andy is a former Training Officer from Mountain Rescue Scotland and has been delivering winter training events to both Scottish and English teams for over 10 years. 

Here's a wee gallery of previous training events:











How to Book:

Use this email link to reserve your place stating your name, chosen date and the correct code.

When you receive your provisional confirmation, please pay stated Deposit by Direct Bank Transfer (BACS) by the stated date.

We will email your confirmation and receipt.

Note: your email to reserve your place is your confirmation that you have read and understood the Safety Statement and the 'Conditions and Terms' for your booking.

Safety Statement: what you need to know about these courses

Courses and trips led by qualified & experienced Mountaineering Instructors (MIC) and International Guides (BMG / IFMAG) are your way of being led and taught by the best in the industry. Your learning, enjoyment and safety throughout the course is underpinned by their care, attention and professional standards achieved over many years of intense personal practice, training and assessment; this includes providing you with accurate information to help you prepare for your course.

However, taking part in winter hill activities requires you to be aware of your own safety as well.

Whilst slips, scrapes, scratches and bumps are normal for any adventurous activities, you need to accept that any hill travel in the winter months is accompanied by the risk of injury: in very rare cases such injuries can lead to death.

We will make all reasonable efforts to ensure you are not exposed to unnecessary risk and we will make clear everyone in the group's shared responsibilities for looking after everyone's personal safety. By booking on a winter mountaineering skills course you are accepting and agreeing to this statement.